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Poems, Prose and Essays

(Editions and Papers by Peter Cochran)

Fugitive Pieces

Hours of Idleness

Nottinghamshire Poems

English Bards and Scotch Reviewers

Childe Harold's Pilgrimage Cantos I and II

Byron and Ali Pasha

Hints from Horace

The Curse of Minerva

Political Poems

Mediterranean Poems


Drury Lane Addresses

My Boy Hobby - MP3 Song

Turkish Tales - Introduction

Turkish Tales - The Giaour

Turkish Tales - The Bride of Abydos

Byron's London Journal

Turkish Tales - The Corsair and Lara

Turkish Tales - The Siege of Corinth

Turkish Tales - Parisina

Love Poems 1811-14

What Happened to Harold's Sense of Humour

Hebrew Melodies

The Devil's Drive

Scots Poems

Poems to Lady Byron

Poems of Separation

Napoleonic Poems

Byron and Napoleon

Poems of Byron's Early Exile

Byron the Vampire and the Vampire Women

The Prisoner of Chillon

Augustus Darvell

Byron and the Essence of Imprisonment

The Alpine Journals of Lord Byron and John Cam Hobhouse

Manfred - manuscript

Manfred - modernised

Manfred and Shelley's Alastor

Manfred and Orthodox Christianity

Manfred and Pellico's Francesca da Rimini

Manfred and Goethe's Faust

Manfred and Dr Faustus

Manfred and Shakespeare

Manfred and Thomas Taylor

Manfred and Vathek

Manfred and Wordsworth

Manfred and Zoroastrianism

Childe Harold's Pilgrimage Canto III

Byron and the Armenians


Childe Harold's Pilgrimage Canto IV


Poems About Poets

The Blues

Don Juan - Introduction

Don Juan - Preface

Don Juan - Dedication

Don Juan - Canto First

Don Juan - Canto Second

The Sale of Parga and the Isles of Greece

Don Juan - Canto Third

Don Juan - Canto Fourth

Don Juan - Canto Fifth

Castelnau and the Siege Cantos

Don Juan - Canto Sixth

Don Juan - Canto Seventh

Don Juan - Canto Eighth updated Oct 2007

Casti and the Russian Cantos

Don Juan - Canto Ninth

Byron's Version of Russia

Don Juan - Canto Tenth

Don Juan - Canto Eleventh

Don Juan - Canto Twelfth

Don Juan - Canto Thirteenth

Don Juan - Canto Fourteenth

Don Juan - Canto Fifteenth updated Oct 2007

Don Juan - Canto Sixteenth

Don Juan - Canto Seventeenth

Luigi Pulci: Morgante Maggiore Canto I

Mary Shelley's Fair Copying of Don Juan


Byron and Drama - A Dialogue

Marino Faliero

The Ravenna Journal


The Two Foscari


Blake, Byron and the Blushing Archangels

The Vision of Judgement

Heaven and Earth

The Vision of Blasphemous Judgement

The Irish Avatar

Why did Byron hate Southey?

Byron and Leigh Hunt - 'The Wit in the Dungeon'

Poems for Teresa Guiccioli

Poems About Italy

The Island

The Age of Bronze


Werner and the Duchess of Devonshire

The Deformed Transformed

Byron's Writings in Greece 1823-4