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Do Kwon to Stand Trial in Montenegro, Could Serve Time Before Extradition

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• Do Kwon, founder of Terraform Labs, is being tried in Montenegro for traveling on a fake passport. He may have to serve time there before his extradition.
• His lawyer in Montenegro plans to appeal the court order that extended his pre-trial detention.
• Montenegro’s Justice Minister Marko Kovač said that a judge will decide if Do Kwon will be extradited and he may first have to serve time in the nation if convicted.

Do Kwon Facing Trial in Montenegro

Terraform Labs founder Do Kwon will stand trial in Montenegro for traveling on a fake passport, according to his lawyer in the country. The fugitive crypto entrepreneur may also have to serve time in prison before he is extradited from the Balkan nation, its justice minister indicated.

Do Kwon Arrested with False Costa Rican Passport

Kwon Do-Hyung, CEO of Terrausd and Luna who is better known as Do Kwon, was arrested when trying to leave for Dubai using a false Costa Rican passport on March 23rd. His lawyer plans to appeal the court order extending his pre-trial detention. A forged Belgian passport was found among his possessions along with three laptops and five mobile phones which were deemed by authorities as carrying “very interesting” information.

Extradition Process May Take Time

South Korea and the United States are both seeking Do Kwons extradition however it could take some time as judicial authorities intend to indict him first before any extradition process can begin. According to Montenegro’s Justice Minister Marko Kovač, a judge will decide if Do Kwon will be extradited and depending on the severity of crimes committed they may have to serve time first before the extradition process begins.

Lawyer’s Plan To Appeal Court Order

Do Kwons lawyer Vojislav Zečević intends to appeal the court order extending pre-trial detention which was initially set at 72 hours but then extended by another 30 days due to flight risk and verification of identity issues seen as necessary by authorities .The appeal would aim at reversing this decision allowing for quicker proceedings regarding possible extradition requests from South Korea or US officials pursuing it further .


Do Kwons trial for travelling with fake documents must be completed first before any extradition orders can be fulfilled . Depending on outcome of trial ,he may even face imprisonment within Montenegrin jurisdiction prior extradition proceedings beginning . This verdict solely lies upon judges discretion regarding gravity of crime , location , sequence and citizenship factors .

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