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Wombat integrates pEOS and Equilibrium

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DeFi: Wombat integrates pEOS and Equilibrium

Wombat has announced that it has integrated several DeFi platforms including Defis.Network, Defibox, Equilibrium and Pizza Finance.

Alex Melikhov, CEO of Equilibrium, said:

„We are excited to share Wombat’s capabilities with our users. It will also be interesting to see how the development of integrations like this will help further catalyse the development of the DeFi ecosystem on EOS.“

In addition, Wombat has started using pEOS, the token created by Provable Things to bring Bitcoins to other blockchains, in this Bitcoin Machine case to the EOS blockchain, giving the ability to easily change EOS to pBTC.

The Wombat wallet currently has 550,000 registered users in 160 different countries, making it the largest creator of EOS accounts.

A month ago Wombat also partnered with EOSFinex, Bitfinex’s platform for EOS-based tokens, to further facilitate transactions and the use of DeFi applications.

DeFi on EOS

Since last May, the total value locked in decentralised finance platforms has risen by 2500%, but especially on Ethereum which is currently still the blockchain on which DeFi’s dApps are most concentrated.

Many users, in fact, are still not very familiar with EOS, whose account creation alone can be complicated for those approaching the sector for the first time.

That’s why Wombat has decided to forge many partnerships and integrate different platforms to make the process faster, easier and cheaper.

Adrian Krion, founder and CEO of Spielworks, the company behind Wombat, said:

„The goal is to offer Wombat users a seamless and simple, yet powerful experience in using tools for financial freedom and independence, such as stablecoins, exchanges and lending protocols on EOS. The user experience of DeFi’s products on EOS is unmatched in the blockchain space and therefore meets our requirements in terms of suitability for everyday users.“

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